Monday, November 10, 2008

Words Just Fail Me Updated

I am totally used to the scene below. Doesn't bother me so much anymore. They find a pair of scissors, they cut their hair. Oh well, it grows back. Right?


But THIS? This is a new one on me? In case you are wondering that is permanent, Sharpie. SIGH

I took this picture this weekend and think it is so accurately Anna that I just had to throw it in here.

Love to all!

* Had to come back and tell you that tonight while I was getting her ready for bed and scrubbing away, yet again, at the marker on her head, Anna launched into an explanation of WHY her head was covered in marker.

"Mamma I put makeup on my eyebows and den I cut my hair so then I could be so pretty!"

She is so flipping cute it is painful! Do you like her glowering, supermodel face?


Alicia said...

lol, my little ones do that too. Except not usally on the face but the rest of the body, yep and my walls and my chairs *sighs*

Anonymous said...

The only way this could be better is if you were taking family pictures tomorrow! Did she say why she drew on her face? It seems like she had a plan...

Esther :)

Cherith said...

She was putting on her makeup.

{exaggerated sigh}

Her hair looks pretty goofy now too.

Mary said...

You know, the Mr. Clean magic eraser takes everything off... ;)

Seriously though, rubbing alcohol might remove the ink. I'm so sorry that happened! Sam drew with sharpie on my computer monitor once because he wanted to look like Nathan (or so he said.)

I think this is just the excuse you need to take Anna wig shopping. :)

Jesse said...

She looks beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I would say that she takes after her mother. That is encouraging.