Saturday, August 25, 2007

Anna's 15 month Checkup and Why we will soon need a new Ped

Are there any other moms out there who find well baby/child appointments a tad stressful? I realize that I am only dealing with 3 kids, but I have begun to absolutely dread these appointments and the chaos that reigns the moment we enter the pediatrician's mystic portal.

On Thursday of last week I finally got around to taking Anna for her 15 month check up. Granted she is now actually 16 months old, but this was the best I could do. Overall, her appointment went well. Isaac and Nathan both cowered in the corner, hands over their ears when she received her immunization. After the doctor left Isaac clenched his fists, scrunched his face up in that typical Isaac-is-really-angry way and stated firmly through clenched teeth that he would, "knock this building down with a shovel if that doctor hurts my baby sister again."

As we were leaving the office Isaac told me that his tummy was really itchy. I pulled his shirt up and discovered the enormous red, swollen welt that I photographed for you in a previous post. Since we already happened to be in the doctor's office, I asked the desk clerk if we might reserve a sick child appt in the next few hours and that I would take the kids to lunch while we waited. Bless her heart she insisted that we not leave but be seen right away and ushered us back into the exam room.

Anna immediately began screaming as she had just escaped this den of torture and had no desire to endure further use as a pin cushion. Isaac started clinging to be, begging that he not be given a shot. A physician's assistant came in to check on Isaac. While I was trying to untangle him from my leg while simultaneously trying to comfort Anna, Nathan decided to play with the round doctor stool, you know the ones with wheels?

OF COURSE Nathan caught his foot, cut his leg and fell to the floor, hitting his head in the process. I put Anna down to pick up Nathan and the PA thought she would be helpful by picking Anna up and tyring to comfort her.

That really didn't work out too well.

Anna doubled the volume and intensity of her screaming while Nathan sobbed hysterically over his cut leg and injured head while Isaac clutched my hand begging that he not be given a shot.


The PA left the room, with Anna, stating that she was going to go and get us some help. I hear that people 3 blocks away called 911 over the disembodied, ear piercing screams they could hear in the distance.

I expect to receive the, "We never want to see you again." letter in the mail any day now.

In case you are interested, Anna is 20 pounds, 31 inches long. She is just over the 20th percentile for weight and around 75th for height. I choose not to mention that she is still nursing as I was not really very interested in having that conversation at that moment.

A good check up all in all. Nathan has recovered and Isaac's bug bite reactions has not spread any further.

I have finally figured out how to post recipes so that you DON'T need a magnifying glass to see them. The first one is posted below and I will put a link for it to the left as well. This "recipe" sounds dumb, but you really MUST try it on a rainy morning or evening. Add a cup of tea or hot chocolate and curl up for some quality time with your kiddos.

Love to all!


Mary said...

Don't worry, we can sic you on Sam's pediatrician. They dealt with a kid trying to smash open their fishtank!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I have just bumped into you here on the WWW and found (sorry to say) the doctor visit really sorry, don't mean to laugh... will drop by again... take care... Felicity