Thursday, August 23, 2007

He was supposed to be sleeping...

...but this is what he did instead. We found this lovely block tower when we checked on him at 11:10 pm. Perhaps he will become an architect?

Isaac appears to have been bitten/stung by a rogue insect or arachnid. Yes I MUST make the distinction, I am a science teacher for pete's sake! We have no idea what or where, but the other picture should demonstrate the severity of his reaction to the bite. We had it checked out at our ped and have called Children's Hospital for additional advice this evening as it has continued to spread. You can see where we have been marking it to track how fast and how much it has spread. Poor Isaac, he has unfortunately inherited his mother's sensitive skin.

Jesse is busily researching all manner of spider that may have bitten our beloved eldest child. He actually has one in quarantine at this very moment. As we are all familiar with how Jesse feels about spiders, I think we can safely assume that he won't sleep well until he is convinced the house is biting spider free. Can anyone recommend a good exterminator?

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Mary said...

Poor Isaac! I've very proud of Jesse for being brave enough to catch a spider!