Sunday, August 5, 2007

Computers stink

Mine in particular, but Jesse's too.

The 2nd power chord that we have purchased for my laptop has gone the path of the first chord. It will not charge the battery and likes to shut my laptop down at any given, random moment. Needless to say, I have opted not to plug the irritating thing in rather than risk the frying of my hard drive.

I am currently on Jesse's laptop, but we have a seriously intense mutual loathing. I don't plan to get back on here despite the fact that a vein in my head starts to twitch after 24 hours offline.

And, really, nothing interesting is going on around here anyway. We are frantically seeking a nanny for fall, cleaning like mad people so that the house is as low maintenance as possible when school starts, going to swimming lessons, trying to deal with numerous technology woes, barking at each other in a distinctly unspouse like way and sleeping when we can. Not a heck of a lot that is blog worthy.

I hope everyone is well! When my computer is working and I have some cute pics or something interesting to say, I will be back. :)


Jesse said...

Don't worry, love. I've ordered you a new chord - even had it sent 2-day priority!

Mary said...

Not to be a pest, but are you sure it's the cord and not a bad battery?

If you come visit us in Tennessee, you can use any of our four computers, sleep in our luxurious guest suite (just ignore the octopus motif in the bathroom), and eat home cooked meals! No stress, no boredom! (Okay, I'm really bored!)

Esther said...

I loathe it too...

Cherith said...

Mary, we are SO NOT going to entertain the idea that the problem is other than the power cord since Jesse just spent quite a few bucks to get me a new one and have it shipped here ASAP and I HAVE TO be able to work this week!!!

-fingers in ears-