Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sisterly Love

(Written by Jesse)
This blog is appropriately labeled “The S Family Chronicles”, as it generally discusses events that take place in our lives that influence one or more people in our family. Most of the posts are related to something to do with our kids, chronicling something silly or cute they’ve said or done recently. Sometimes, however, posts are written here that are a bit more reflective; observations and thoughts that usually are brought forth by some recent experience in our lives. This post is one of these…

I’ve known at least one of the Dye sisters since 1988, when Esther and I were friends in middle school. Over the years, I met and got to know the others, and even had the privilege of marrying one of them. Over these nineteen years, I’ve seen them grow and become the wonderful women that they are. I’ve witnessed them overcome great adversity and seemingly impossible circumstances, and instead of becoming bitter or disconnected, they’ve gracefully embraced life.

Among the many things which I find admirable about them, their love and dedication to one another is the most compelling. People have a mental image of what a close family should look like: a true love and appreciation for one another; a sincere desire to spend time together with the occasional bouts of silliness; concern for one another, unabashed openness, trust, respect, devotion and friendship. These qualities are personified in their relationship, and I count it a privilege to not only know them individually, but to know them as sisters.

So often in life, we take our most treasured gifts for granted: a petty quarrel, jealousy, past resentments – the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, these can go unnoticed for far too long, tragically sometimes until it’s too late. The Dye sisters seem to be immune to this, however, as I do not recall a specific incidence in which they’ve done so. And even though one of them has recently moved out of state, their love and fierce devotion to one another remain as strong as ever.

I write this today because I think their story is remarkable: it is a unique glimpse of something that many people have never experienced, though is one of those things in life that just ‘ought to be’. It is a blessing to be able to witness the unique dynamic of their relationship, and I find myself longing for others, especially those who are close to me, to embrace the opportunity to have what the Dye sisters share.


Esther said...

Ahh...we like you quite a bit also! I don't know many people who can consider their sister's husband more of a brother then an in-law.

Mary said...

I think we all banded together to survive your bad jokes (no, I'm kidding--we love you Jesse!)

Davis Family said...

What a lovely tribute to both your wife and your sisters-in-law. I actually found myself getting a little weepy reading this.

Perhaps you have a second career with Hallmark?

Cherith said...

Thanks honey, that was lovely. I hope and pray that everyone can someday put aside the past and move on. Life is too good and life is too short to spend wallowing in self pity, making excuses and being a forever victim.

Not that we are perfect, but I too am quite proud that we have grown as close as we are.

(Though I DO have to point out that Esther once slammed my already broken finger in a door ON PURPOSE!)

Mary said...

Esther also made me sleep in a closet, and YOU always tricked me into doing your chores! Maybe we haven't moved on after all! ;)

Buzz2of11 said...

I feel this way about my sister-in-law, Lori, and her sister, Lisa. I come from a family of 11--8 girls & 3 boys. All of us girls, including Lori and Lisa, spend a weekend at the beach each year and have an absolutely fabulous time. We all look forward to it with a vengeance each year. Most years all 10 of us are in attendance. I have 2 sisters who plan what we eat & they cook most of it! It is what family is all about!