Monday, August 27, 2007

The First Day of School

Anna received her first pedicure, courtesy of Aunt Esther. Cute toes, aren't they? Of course, her daddy feels this particular shade of red is a tad too sophisticated for the average 16 month old, but he made an exception this one time.

Issac officially began kindergarten today. For those of you wondering, yes I AM certifiably insane as yes I do work a full time job from home and yes Isaac will be attending school from home as well and yes I do have 2 additional children. Jesse and I have about 398,763 reasons for this choice which we are very willing to share with anyone interested. Please don't approach us with the intent of criticizing or trying to talk us out of this because we aren't going to listen. We are getting old and cranky that way.

Isaac is doing kindergarten and I have set Nathan up with a loose preschool curriculum as well. Anna must also participate in learning time, she LOVED the story I read today. You will find a slide show with first day of school pictures below.

Now for a helpful public service announcement.

You may or may not recall from reading
this post that I, an International Baccalaureate trained educator, stabbed myself in the thumb while trying to remove a security tag that was not removed by a clerk who was clearly NOT International Baccalaureate trained. My thumb is still very swollen and hurts like I cannot even describe but I seem to have escaped without any significant infection. Score one cyber cookie for that! Because I like to be of help to the humans when I can, I have compiled a helpful list of things that you can do without the use of your thumb. You might want to keep this handy for future reference.

Things that you can do without the use of your thumb:

1. Nothing.
2. Not a damn thing. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, requires the use of this digit. Without it you might as well give up and get back in bed.

I hope you found that helpful.

I hope everyone had a pleasant Monday! Oh yes, in reference to the second comment following
this post, PLEASE feel free to laugh at anything I write that makes you want to laugh. Odds are I found it amusing as well, hence my meandering narratives that make you want to laugh. If I have not blogged about it, I probably don't think it is funny yet and have therefor opted not to write about it in a manner that will make others laugh.

For example, until this very moment you have read nothing here regarding the fact that 2 very evil felines used my brand new living room couches, yes plural, as a litter box and the so called warranty that we purchased with these kinds of events in mind has not yet been honored. You have not read about it because I don't find it even remotely amusing. In fact I am still hopping mad about it and it happened, I think 3 or so months ago. That warranty company has until Wed of this week to deliver new cushion covers to my front door or they can anticipate a phone call that will qualify as something far more threatening than irate. See, not funny at all.

Go right ahead and laugh your little hearts out and rest assured that I am probably laughing with you.

PS. You will want to come back tomorrow as Esther let me in on the fact that she has preplanned my funeral, I assume in anticipation of my demise. I love you all too much not to give you fair warning.

Night all!


Jesse said...

Um... you mispelled "therefore" ("therefor" is a rather archaic term generally reserved for legal documents and means "for that"). Is that because your thumb was aching? Really, though, you use the middle finger of your left hand for the letter "e", so I don't think you can use your aching thumb as an excuse (although I have a feeling you can think of another use for the middle finger of your left hand right about now!).

And there is one other thing that comes to mind that doesn't require the use of a thumb - clapping! NOW who feels silly that we didn't buy The Clapper when I wanted to? Hmmm?

O, dang... here she comes with that knife again!!

Cherith said...

I totally take back what I said about laughing at what is written here. If ANYONE laughs at what that husband, and I use that term very loosely right now, of mine wrote, we are THROUGH.

Davis Family said...

well....I don't think what I'm doing technically qualifies as a laugh...

it's more like a guffaw...
a chuckle...
the teeniest of giggles.

I just think Jesse is REALLY funny I guess....

Cherith said...

In that case I guess I better start looking for some new, more supportive friends.


Jesse said...

Now, now... let's not get cranky! I don't think it is necessary to thumb your nose at those closest to you...I know I deserve a good thumb-ping for my off-hand remarks - certainly thumbthing to think about... but rest assured, of the people reading this, most of thumb know I'm pretty adept to telling thumb jokes, and thumb of them probably even pity you right now. In fact, I'm sure many are even feeling sick to their thumb-icks about now!

Do dang, there's that knife again! This is going to be grou-thumb!!

Cherith said...

i am in hell

honey, have you ever considered actually doing some WORK while you are at that job of yours?

Mary said...

Tell you what--send Jesse out here to live with James and I'll come visit,
'cause JAMES thinks he's funny.

Poor thumb! I would student nurse you if I was there (although seriously, try soaking in warm water with either epsom salts or a little hydrogen peroxide to deal with swelling/infection respectively.)