Friday, August 17, 2007

My Brother and Me

It is clearly no secret I am thoroughly convinced my kids are THE most darling creatures on the face of this earth. Amazingly enough, Nathan and Anna managed to reach a whole new level of adorable when Anna, realizing that Nathan planned to curl up with a favorite movie, toddled over and plopped her little diapered butt next to him. Nathan responded by tossing his arm around her and the two sat transfixed, sharing a cuddle and movie. I, of course, scrambled for the camera and managed to snap this picture. There is no love like sibling love.

The S blog will likely remain quiet for a while. School is starting this Monday which means that, for a while, I will have very little time for recreational computer use.

Isaac is also starting kindergarten on Monday, attending online via my current employer. Jesse and I are really looking forward to working with him. Nathan asks on a daily basis if he has the same teacher as Isaac, he just does not seem to accept that Isaac is starting "real" school and he is not. We plan to keep him as involved as possible, no harm in his getting a head start.

Our (Isaac's and my) school has a yearly Fall picnic during which we will snap a few pictures of him with his new teacher. He has met her twice and he loves her.

Updates if/when events warrant. Love to all!

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Buzz2of11 said...

That is such a great picture of the two of them. Love like that is wonderful. A little girl looking up to her big brother