Monday, November 5, 2007

In Remembrance of.... youth.

Today I turned, I don't know, some age that has a 3 in it. Do the actual numbers really matter after a certain point?

My darling husband treated me to a WONDERFUL weekend full of rest, relaxation, good food and fun with our kiddos. It was a lovely birthday.

He capped it off by taking the day off from work, letting me sleep in and making a yummy chocolate layer cake with the help of his eager offspring.

Pics of my tasty birthday cake below. I have also posted the last video taken with my dearly departed old digital camera. That's right. Until we learn how to use upload video from the digital video camera there will be an absence of video clips on the S Family Blog. So very sad. Honestly, I suspect all we need is a particular cable and we will be good to go. We will be working on that, I promise.

Ah yes, in answer to those of you who e-mailed with concern for Isaac's mental health, knowing how sensitive he is, he WAS very upset that he broke the old camera. Jesse and I did our best to restrain our annoyance but he is a sharp little cookie and I am sure he could tell that we were less than pleased.

However, we did reassure him that it was an accident and that accidents happen. I let him take a few pictures with the new camera today, the strap was securely around his neck to prevent another catastrophe.

Fear not as we have already consulted with Santa and the dear old elf is in possession of a Kid Tough digital camera that just happens to have Isaac's name on it. Come Christmas morning all thoughts of broken cameras will be forgotten as he tears through the house repeatedly dropping the amazing digital camera that cannot break. Or so we hope, anyway.

Love to all!


Jesse said...

Happy Birthday Hon! Did you notice how I only put 24 candles on the cake?? (Score one for me!) You also mercifully did not include the tale today's first attempt at cake making - thanks for not embarassing me in front of the whole world!!

Buzz2of11 said...

I am sure that you had a wonderful birthday. It was very sweet of Jesse, with the help of the kids, to take such good care of you. I think it means more when the kids get their hands in it to show how much they love you! I know that turning 30 can be traumatic but I always looked at getting older (I will be the big 6-0 next year) as life getting better. I never wanted to go back and be younger. I was not entirely fond of being a teen or in my 20's. Life is what you make of it regardless of the number of your age! With Love and Prayers!