Friday, November 9, 2007

Oh for the days...

I have to say that I have LOVED every single age my children have thus far achieved. Honestly, there is something about each stage of their lives that is my "favorite."

The one thing I do very much miss, however, are the days when they were all so young and oblivious that we could birthday or Christmas shop right in front of them.

Jesse and I don't get out to often without at least one kiddo in tow. Well, ok, we DO get out, just the two of us now and then, but those are NOT occasions we want to spend strolling through toy stores.

The boys currently believe their most important mission in life is to inspect every single item that enters a grocery cart and ask as many questions as possible regarding the reasons for the purchase. Perhaps they are concerned about our spending habits? Or maybe they are just plain nosey. Who knows. This little obsession does make it a tad difficult to sneak gifts in under their noses, thereby avoiding an extra trip back to the store we or I was just in to purchase the desired item(s).

Tonight, however, we succeeded in sneaking a whole cart load of Christmas presents up to the register and out to the car without too much notice.

I am now finished Christmas shopping for my kids and all of our nieces and nephews with one exception.

And oh how good it feels.

As tough as it is to sneak something to a register now, it becomes doubly so when the stores are crammed full of parents with young children who are ALL trying to sneak something to the register and who ALL have nosey youngsters wanting to inspect every item in their cart.

All you parents of oblivious young ones out there, SAVOR THE DAYS! Occasionally I even have to recruit a sister to act as personal shopper in order to get the job done. Lucky I have so many sisters, eh? Thanks mom!

I don't plan on being online much this weekend. I attended a meeting out of town on Friday, left in a hurry and in the process of frantically packing up and running to my waiting ride, I left the power cord to my laptop behind. SIGH. A kind hearted coworker snagged it and has shipped it back to me, but if it does not arrive Saturday, unlikely, I will have to wait until Tuesday since Monday is a holiday. Please contact me by phone this weekend rather than IM or e-mail. I am currently typing on Isaac's Dell and I DON'T LIKE IT. The battery on my beloved HP only lasts for about 45 minutes so I guess I am unplugged for the weekend.

I have a question.

How many lovies/comforts does your child regularly carry around? Just curious. This week, Anna has not gone ANYWHERE without her blanky (bit), her stuffed cow (moo) and her tattered copy of "Guess How Much I Love You?" (Bo). Nursing has become quite the challenge since all of these items MUST be included in the ritual. I will try to snap a picture of Anna and all her treasures this weekend.

Oh yes! Inquiring minds have asked for an actual height and weight of pipsqueak, 21 pounds and 32 inches. She sort of fits size 18 month clothes. They are the correct-ish length but they have a tendency to fall right off of her little tiny tushy. We occasionally just go with a size 12 months in an outfit that runs big.

Phantom is getting shots tomorrow, then off for neutering and then obedience school as quickly as I can get him there. Oy-vay the trouble that dog can cause!

Love to all! Have a great weekend!

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