Saturday, November 3, 2007


Seriously, is it? This picture represents a very small sample of the toys that our darling boys have in some way shape or form mangled and/or destroyed over the last few months. Honestly, we spend HOURS discussing respect for property, taking care of their possessions, the cost of said items, we have enforced consequences, thrown toys away, the list goes on and on.

Truly, the boys do not break their toys simply for the sake of breaking them. This kind of carnage is usually the result of some epic battle during which a good guy or a bad guy suffers terribly at the hands of their captor. The trouble is, the boys don't seem to understand that when they play this way, the damage inflicted on that unfortunate soul is permanent. They come sorrowfully to us, bearing the broken body of the battle looser, and ask us to repair the gruesome injuries.

What is a parent to do? What else can we possibly do to help them understand that this damage is permanent? In answer to the obvious question, no we do not replace these toys unless they are damaged or destroyed in a legitimate accident.

PS: The second picture. If you back up a bit you should see the imprint of two little hands. These prints grace the carpet just inside our bedroom door. How dirty do you think her hands were to leave such clear prints in the carpet?


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I am trying to not chuckle here... hehe

Davis Family said...

This is completely normal. Boys live to construct, destruct and otherwise move dirt from one place to another? Seriously have you EVER considered the sequence of events during a major highway building project?

this is their thing. It's a nice way to teach them that toys are just as mortal as humans--thereby turning it into one of those spiritual lessons we end up teaching all the time. (This leaves the little testosterone filled creatures thinking they are gods--which apparently is equally a part of the growing-up process for this gender.)

My mother once confessed that in the 1930's she actually crucified a doll. THIS was cause for serious concern in the rather strict conservative Christian household she was raised in.

It does however speak volumes about my side of the family.

Decapitation--it's a GOOD thing.
Love you all,

Buzz2of11 said...

As the Davis family said boys will be boys--they are a completely different species than girls. I have two very good friends both with 3 kids--all the same ages. However, one has 3 boys and one has 3 girls! What a difference to babysit them! I love them all equally and have a wonderful time with all of them! Lots of Love and Prayers!