Friday, November 2, 2007


The S house has been battered by an evil virus this past week. I called dibs on getting sicker than Jesse and thus far I have come through with flying colors. I have mostly been able to just barely maintain but am now starting to feel a bit better and able to do more than just the absolute necessities.

I have more pics to share but I did not want to leave anyone hanging without pics of our ADORABLE trio on Halloween.

The boys are ninjas, Anna is Little Bo Peep. Her costume was lovely made by Nana, of course.

More later, love to all!


Esther said...

She is too cute! I especially love the Victoria's Secret bag! Also, the fact that she has figured out how to whisper!!

Mary said...

SO CUTE--all of them! I wish I could have seen them in person (of course, Isaac will still be wearing his costume two months from now...)

Buzz2of11 said...

It is truly wonderful to have a Nana who can sew. Anna's costume as Bo Peep is absolutely adorable. My mother was an excellent sewer who used to make her 4 oldest girls (when we were younger) matching holiday outfits (Easter, Christmas). Those were the "olden" days when one get dressed to the nines to go to church. One year we had skirts with straps, matching duster coats, matching hats and blouses of a coordinating fabric. Naturally, we all wore lovely white gloves. You can tell I am older than I sound! It was great fun! Lots of Love and Prayers!