Sunday, October 28, 2007

Most Inappropriate Halloween Costume EVER

I am at a loss for words. Conjoined twins, in case you are wondering. Yes, those are my sisters. Mary, um...I love you...but I don't want to duplicate this costume next year. I think Esther and Rachael did such a good job that there is NO WAY we could compete. Don't you agree?

If you have not already done so, please scroll down and read my post about the furniture dilemma and tell me what the heck I should do.

Love to all!

PS I entered this photo in a contest for a TiVo HD DVR plus 3 months of service. Assuming they win, and I think they are a horrifying shoe in, which twin do you think should own the prize? Ah see now THIS is a pitfall of the shared Halloween costume.


Mary said...

Yeah, you're right, they're don't need to do the brunette version next year. We'd probably just cause our children to need therapy.

I think you should get the prize 'cause you entered them in the contest!

M3 said...

You get the prize - definitely!

Hey I just read in your blog comment that you've been really sick. Are you ok? Sending good thoughts!