Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So that's the way it is, eh?

A conversation between Isaac and his parents:

Setting: Target parking lot

Isaac: It's my turn to ride in the front! (Meaning the middle seat in the van.)

Cherith: No Isaac it is Nathan's turn.

Isaac: It's mine!

Jesse: Isaac, you heard your mommy.

Isaac: Fine! Then I will go live somewhere else!

Jesse and/or Cherith: Well, ok, but who do you think will take you home? Should we ask someone in the parking lot?

Isaac (incredulously): NO! I will go live with Baba Nana. (Mom and Tom)

Jesse and/or Cherith: But how will you get there? It is awfully dark and a really long walk. Are you going to run all the way there? What if you get lost?

Isaac (with an eyeroll): You are going to drive me!

A conversation with Nathan:

Nathan: It is my turn to ride in the front!

Cherith: No Nathan, it is Isaac's turn.

Nathan: Fine! Then you better drive me to Baba Nana's so that I can live there!

Mom and Tom, you might want to check your doorstep frequently over the next few days. Does anyone know where I can acquire a REALLY LARGE basket with a lid?


Davis Family said...

No basket necessary. You KNOW you want to drive them and shoo them out of the car right up to the front porch...cheerily proclaiming "Go live with Nana...."

It's true. You know it.

Mary said...

They can come live with me. You get Sam "I threw gummy frogs all over the house while giggling like a madman" West in exchange.

I will teach the boys how to deep fry EVERYTHING and to say "y'all" and "ma'am."

Buzz2of11 said...

This is way too funny. You can see how one brother learned from the other. Their little brains can really think up some doozies!