Monday, October 1, 2007


Happy birthday my charming, sensitive, lovable, tender hearted little punkin.

We love you more than we can possibly ever explain and we are so honored that we have been given the privilege of guiding you through this life.

You are no long a baby and no longer a toddler. You have grown into a fun loving and rambunctious little boy with an infectious smile that absolutely lights up our world.

We probably aren't terribly good at raising little boys, you being our first opportunity to try our hand at it. We are just so sorry that you must bare the brunt of all our first time parenting mistakes. Please be patient with us and we will try our best to be patient with you.

We love you Isaac!

PS Dear readers, I have lots of fun birthday pics and tales of Isaac's special day, but unfortunately my little guy also happens to be born on the day when my state chooses to count all students attending public school for reasons of funding. When one teaches in an online school, count day transforms from the simple process of recording a student's physical presence in a chair with a check mark in a grade book to a massive and laborious procedure fraught with phone calls, much copying and pasting, pulling of login information, repetitive entering of seemingly redundant data and oh so much more. Because this day is also my first born's birthday, I am in the habit of trying to cram all this record keeping and my role as Dog the Bounty Hunter into the hours between 8 AM and 1 PM. We then spend the second half of the day celebrating with Isaac. To say I am tired does not even come close to describing how I feel right now. I will rest for a day or so and then be back with pictures and tales of Isaac's 6th birthday.

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Buzz20f11 said...

He does have a great smile. I am so sorry to hear that there is so much stress involved in getting his head counted so that the school district can get their bucks! He is a lot better off being schooled online rather than in a school--my opinion only. I have two friends who are schooling their 6 years olds (one boy and one girl) at home. They really like it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ISAAC!