Sunday, October 21, 2007

First Snow

The first snow of the season is always a much anticipated and celebrated event in the S house. Today was no exception. The boys spent quite a bit of time frolicking with Phantom while Jesse and I consumed large amounts of tea and banana bread and tried repeatedly to explain to Anna why she could not go out and play in the snow with the boys. She was very hard to convince, in case you are wondering.

It was a nice respectable snow, enough to be fun but not enough to be annoying. We did loose a branch in the front yard. This was a wet and heavy, spring like snow and all of our leaves have not fallen yet.

It is 11:15 pm (see post below in case you are wondering why I am telling you the time) and Anna has been sleeping well for a few hours. I am hoping for a much better night's sleep.

Isaac has been low energy and had no appetite all day, but does not seem sick otherwise. No more fevers. We will see how his night goes.

Love and good sleep to all!


Mary said...

Wow--I really miss that. It was a high of 80 yesterday!

BUzz2of11 said...

Snow looks lovely on the ground but I do not think I would want to live through a winter of it. In sunny So. California we were about 70-80 degrees today! Thank God the fires in teh LA area are not producing prodigious amounts of smoke and ash now.