Sunday, December 2, 2007

Deck the Hallls

...and the trees, the grass, the roof, pretty much anywhere you can get a light to stick.

The S house is now very much aglow for the holidays. Lest you assume, as many have, that my darling Jesse shimmied up that tree and put up all those lights, I have provided you with photographic evidence of the person who actually spent two days in the tree just so that people will pause while driving by our house and think, "I wonder who on earth was crazy enough to put all those lights in that tree!"

Jesse, while secure and always willing to take a risk, does not typically put on pink jackets and hang out of trees in full view of the neighbors. I, on the other hand, am ALWAYS willing to wear pink and hang out of trees! In case you are wondering, it was very cold and on Sat also very wet due to an utterly bizarre DECEMBER rain.

Mary, does that make you feel better about YOUR December rain?



Mary said...

If I come to Denver and there's no snow, I am so OUT!

I am impressed that you actually posted a pic of yourself. Of course, you can't really see your face...

buzz2of11 said...

Cherith, it looks so lovely! We have a person in our neighborhood who lights up the tree in their front yard similar to how you have lighted yours--it has been my favorite decorated house in our tract! Great Job--you look good in pink! Keep up the Santa work!