Monday, January 14, 2008

Just for fun: Videos (because I can!)

Esther, I thought you would like to see how much the boys are enjoying their Christmas presents.

Jesse's Mini-me (Excuse the mess. This is what happens when you school your kids at home.)


Buzz2of11 said...

So Sweet! The boys look like they really loved the scooters! Too much fun! Anna and trying to snap her fingers and play the piano is a riot! What a great bunch of kids! I think home schooling is really great for most kids! I know my friends 6 year old boy loves having to spend no time in a classroom like he would have to do at school--he is so full of energy that sitting for too long is not good for him! Keep up the good work, Mom & Dad!

Mary said...

Thank goodness for more videos, now we can stop watching the "Warrior Dance" over and over again!

Here was Sam's reaction.
"Mama, who's that?"
"That's Anna dancing."
Jesse appears.
"Mama, who's THAT????"
"That's Uncle Jesse."
"YAY! Uncle Jesse! Watch again!"

He's also started imitating Jesse and requesting "more music, Uncle Jesse singing."

(Anna apparently is not invited. ;) )