Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life According to the S Brothers

A Conversation

In the car on the way to swimming lessons:

Nathan, "Mommy, is Sammy grown up now?" Note: Sammy is the boys' 2 year old cousin. He moved to TN about 6 months ago.

Isaac, "Well, he can say everything now so he is grown up right?"

Mommy, "He can say lots of words but I don't think he is all grown up yet."

Nathan, thoughtfully, "Can he say soon? You have to be grown up to say the word soon."

Isaac, somewhat disdainfully and with a slight eye roll, "I know he can say soon."

Nathan, "Well can he say Sauron?"

Isaac, "Oh I bet he can't say Sauron yet. He doesn't even know who Sauron is. I guess that means he's not grown up yet."

There you have it. According to the S brothers, grown up status hinges on one's ability to recognize and pronounce the names of fictional evil wizards.

So Mary, IS Sammy grown up yet?


Buzz2of11 said...

Oh, my word! You need to have a tape recorder on hand at all times to catch all these unbelievable conversations (at least I would need a tape record--I am getting way too old to remember things without writing them down!). Your boys are a real kick.

Cherith said...


Buzz, you are so right. I have recently been thinking about some funny stories and things they said that I have not been able to blog. This has sort of devloped into an ongoing, online baby book for my kiddos as I rarely have time to do any actual scrap booking. I need to go back and write about some of those funny things that they did and said in their early years before I lose the memories.

Mary said...

Asof the time of this comment, I have taught Sam to say "Sauron." He does not know who Sauron is though, and I intend to keep it that way for quite some time (although I did just get the cartoon version of Return of the King...)

Sammy cannot grow up...ever!

Jesse said...

Ahem... Sauron is not an evil wizard...Saruman is the evil wizard. Sauron is the Lord of the Ring - the only one who can bend the Ring to his will. He forged it in the depths of Mount Doom, where he poured his evil and his malice into the ring, inscribing upon it "One Ring to rule them all, one Ring to find them. One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness, bind them." (loosely translated in the common tongue) There is only one Lord of the Ring... and he does not share power! (God, I'm such a geek!)

Cherith said...

Oh for petes sake! Does anyone want to explain WHY Tolkien chose to name his evil duo with such similar names??? This can only continue to confuse those of with closed head injuries who cannot even clearly remember the birth of our own children.

Jesse, we need to talk...

Jesse said...

Tolkien just thought it would have a nice 'ring' to it: two evil menaces conspiring to rule Middle Earth in their own fanatical (and maniacal) way. Just like Frodo's pessimistic brother Frodont, who, rather than going with him on his fateful journey, chose instead to open a mushroom trade that thrived for years to come...

Mary said...

Um...Jesse, you are going to be thrown out of the cool geeks club. You have to start wearing black and living in your parents basement like all the other high school kids who have memorized that poem. ;)

Sam can say "Red rum! Red rum!" Where does that put him?