Saturday, January 12, 2008

More than just an apple...

The line of comments on the previous entry reminded me that I have yet to impart a fabulous culinary recommendation to the public at large.

Careless of me, dreadfully careless.

Although, if we really want to give credit where credit is due, and I am a firm believer in doing so, we must thank the divine Liz of Davis Family Circus for introducing us to this wonderful and palate pleasing fruit experience.

I speak, of course, of the Honey Crisp apple. Have you tasted this apple? Honestly, the $2.99 a pound you will pay is worth EVERY CENT. These are with out exception THE BEST tasting apple I have ever encountered.

There are those, some in my own circle, who insist that the Honey Crisp is nothing special and that several other apple varieties taste similar. I attribute these woefully misguided statements to an unknown radiation exposure of their youth, during which their taste buds were tragically and permanently altered.

Poor souls.

I LOVE THE HONEY CRISP. It has become a staple food in my diet. Poor Jesse has to suffer through my weekly trips to the grocery store during which I shell out what he considers a rather obscene amount of money in exchange for this fruit from heaven. But bless his heart, he allows me my pricey apple addiction as patiently as he tolerates my Venti Awake Tea habit.

You simply MUST taste one of these delightful little beauties. If, like my unfortunate sister Mary, you live in an area that does not currently carry this fruit, I strongly suggest that you A. Contemplate relocating as soon as possible or B. Start nagging your local super market until they cannot take it anymore and start carrying the Honey Crisp. If you need help with either option, just let me know.

In case my post has piqued your curiosity and you would like to conduct further research on this miracle fruit AND/OR find an online source from which you can order the little gems, I leave you with the handy link below.

Happy apples to all!

Honey Crisp


Davis Family said...

I have to tell you, a honeycrisp is surely a close relation to the apple in Eden. Is it sinful to eat one of these a day?

Cherith said...

Crud I hope not! I eat about 3 a day!!

Jesse said...

I was just thinking that the honeycrisp very well may the same fruit that tempted Eve; At $2,99 a pound, it is likely that the same fruit that caused the Fall of Mankind will also call the Fall of our checkbook! (By the way, I am one of those naysayers who liken the Eve-bane to a glorified Fuji- hmm, maybe I should give Cherith a blind taste test)

Buzz2of11 said...

I will tell you that my favorite apple (now, I have not tried the Honey Crisp, aka: Manna from Heaven) is Fuji bought at our local Farmers Market. He offers both organic and regular. The taste is so fabulous that you cannot compare it to an apple at s supermarket! Our Farmers Market (in Thousand Oaks, Ventura County, CA--about 45 miles north of downtown Los Angeles) also has and award winning tamale vendor so on Thursday night I get me weekly tamale fix--1/2 of a chicken with green sauce and then a whole chile with cheese. I mix the green and red sauce with sour cream and inundate the tamale--oh, it is heavenly! Good food costs money. Besides apples are very good for you--tell Jesse I said so!