Friday, June 29, 2007


The casa de S has had a rather busy week, hence the lack of posts. My apologies. My best excuse is that I have a nasty chest cold and am once again plagued by God awful allergies. I am sure the allergies are connected to our new addition. I am hoping that I will adjust and that my eyes will quit weeping soon. If not I will be forced to seek medical attention yet again.

But enough about me!

The boys attended their very first vacation bible school this week. They had an absolute blast. The week ended with a wonderful program featuring all of the kids. You must forgive Jesse and myself as this is the very first time we have had the pleasure of sitting in the audience and watching our boys perform in a school production. For your viewing pleasure, I have included some of the rather sketchy video I was able to take. In the first clip, Isaac is in the far right side of the frame, in sun glasses and a black shirt. Nathan is hidden behind the little girl on the far right in the print dress. I moved mid song in an attempt to get a little footage of Nathan, which you will see on the second clip. He is the little guy in the center top in the sun glasses.

Aren't they talented and adorable!???! Mary took some still shots with her awesome camera and we also have better video on the actual video camera. I will get this media ready for sharing as soon as I can.

I'm back! I added a very short slide show so that you can you see 2 of the FABULOUS pictures that Mary took this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Having a job kind of sucks. Wish I could have been there!