Sunday, June 10, 2007

When you are too cheap/tired/lazy to travel to an actual water park...

The S Family has been enjoying all things aquatic these last few weeks. Even Anna has decided that water is not her enemy. Major breakthrough there folks. Until this week, that girl has sobbed through every single bath since birth. Apparently she has found her sea legs and we are in for loads of summer time water fun.

The boys also love the pool, the hose and anything else that is cold and wet. Thus far we have enjoyed an unseasonably cool Spring, but things are starting to heat up around here. We plan to spend quite a bit of our time lounging in and/or around the pool.

Below you will find both a slide show of recent pool pics and a video of what we do when we are just too lazy to walk the 1 looooooong block to our pool. I hauled myself up on top of the playhouse to position the hose just so. I did not break ANYTHING during my descent; not the playhouse, not the ladder, not my ankle, not even a nail. You should be VERY impressed.

(Yes, I am aware that the video is sideways. Just turn your head or laptop. Apparently when you turn the digi cam sideways to record, your video comes out rotated 90 degrees. I know that I COULD solve this problem by learning how to use my blasted digi video camera, but I just have not gotten there yet. Working on it, I promise! Send your chiropractor bills to me.)

PS Who, tell me WHO, taught my boys to say, "Yeah baby!!" with a weird little accent? I am not at all fond of this expression, probably related to my dislike of Austin Powers and/or my career, I am not sure which.

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