Monday, June 18, 2007

Fancy Myself a Photog

I like to, but really I am not. I do not have the camera or the training. But I would LOVE to be an actual photog, clearly I get a huge kick out of photographing my children.

The pics in the slide show below were taken with Mary's FABULOUS camera. If any of you are sitting around wondering what kind of present I might like, the material think I currently want most in the world is an awesome camera like that one. It does not even have to be that cool or professional grade. I really must update my digi cam.

Given that I am hopelessly unphotogenic, is that a word?, it is a damn good thing that my kids are. You cannot EVER take a good or even decent picture of me. Staged or natural, it does not matter. I look like a chubby golem on crack in every picture I have ever appeared in.

My kids, on the other hand, photograph beautifully as evidenced in the following pics. I think that last one in this series, the one where she has a little grin, is my all time favorite picture of Anna.

The Many Faces of the Divine Ms Anna S

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Jesse said...

Um... a 'chubby golem on crack'? I don't think so!