Friday, June 22, 2007

Life is Exhausting!

Not at all meaning to make a joke out of Jesse's post, I am probably 2nd only to Jesse in the feeling of relief and joy that this past year is in fact past.

However, this past week has just been so exhausting, I am having some trouble focusing on anything other than how much I want to go to sleep.

Anna was up again last night, vomiting and miserable. We just don't know what is wrong, the stomach bugs I am familiar with are the 24 hour sort, is it normal for it to go on like this? Help me out moms. I am seriously sleep deprived and feeling quite desperate. Nathan appears to have a touch of the same bug, but he is not nearly as miserable as Anna.

Honestly, I don't feel all that great either. But that is likely due to the fact that I have not slept more than a few interrupted hours in several days.

I have nothing particularly interesting to report. In my current frame of mind, I am far less enthusiastic about cleaning up puppy poo than I was a few days ago. Bummer.

Thought you would enjoy this picture I took of the boys. Aunt Mary came to take them to a movie one day this week after Anna had been up all night. They look pretty cool, if you ask me.

Please send me mom sympathy vibes and sleep wishes. I think that only other moms can truly appreciate how desperate, tired and frustrated I feel right now.

I hope that all is well with you and that you are NOT visited by this God awful virus.

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Mary Beth said...

You have LOTS of sympathy from me, plus an extended offer of help. Sam and I are on our own again tomorrow morning (James got roped into helping someone move) so we will take the boys, the puppy, or Anna (or some combination) out to play so you can sleep!