Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gross and really gross

What can I say about the last few days in the S house? Well, truly I cannot complain too much. Compared to events of years past, the past week has been a picnic.


I feel the need to whine for just a minute as I am in pain and whining is just want I want to do when I am in pain.

Last Sunday I was 2 miles into a run on a lovely spring evening when my right foot caught an uneven spot in the sidewalk of a neighbor. Before I fully appreciated the situation, I hit the pavement in what was probably the worst fall I have ever experienced. Thankfully, both my palms, wrists and right knee appear banged up and bruised, but otherwise ok.

My left knee, on the other hand, now sports a truly gruesome injury that has been unofficially diagnosed as 2nd degree road rash. Um, can we just all say a collective OUCH!? I do not mean to complain, really I don't, but OW! OW! OW! The twice daily scrubbing with soap, warm water and wash cloth earn an even more emphatic OW! OW! OW!
The strain, sprain, twist or whatever you want to call it, to my actual joint is also quite painful and will probably keep me from running for at least another week or so. Bummer. In reality, it will probably keep me from running for a lot longer than 2 weeks, given that I am caring for a home and 3 kids and there is no way I can stay off it as much as I should. Ah well.

Could have been worse I suppose.

I have decided against posting a pic of my knee because, really, it is pretty nasty and no one wants to see that. Mary saw it when it was a new injury. Esther saw it today and seemed convinced that I will soon have my leg amputated. If you want to know how gross it really is, give one of them a call.

In other news, the pic at the top of this post shows a nasty critter that Esther and Mary caught in the front yard and housed in a bug house for the boys' amusement. This thing was about 6 inches long, including that long, pointy, black thing you see there. Esther's brilliant Google skills, "wasp with really long thingy," informs us that
this is the critter they caught.

Again, not meaning to complain, but I live in this state and specifically in the city in this state so that I DON'T have to deal with too many creepy crawlies of this sort. EW!

We took it to babanana's house, wowed them with the catch and then released it. I hope we never see it again, though the boys DID think it was pretty cool.

For a post that started out with a statement about not wanting to complain, I certainly managed to complain a lot, didn't I? I will refrain from further grumblings and go ice my knee.
Love to all!


Beverly said...

So sorry to hear about your spill. I used to run and during a 20 mile training run I took a spill and then found out I had a stress fracture that probably caused the spill in the first place. I have lovely scars as proof of my inability to remian vertical 100% of the time. NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL WERE EVER INVOLVED.

Hope you knees feel better soon. Keep neosporin or triple antibiotic on it at all times to prevent scarring if you can.


M3 said...

Yikes, so sorry about your fall. Scary and painful -- a nice double whammy. :-(