Thursday, July 12, 2007

Advice Et Al.

If, like me, you suffer from acute short and long term memory loss due to an intimate moment between your head and a car windshield, please take the following dos and donts under advisement.

DO keep a running list of needed grocery items as you think of them. If you don't you will end up dragging three bored kids around a store, unable to remember a single thing that you actually need and come home with 12 new toys that were on clearance and a frozen food item that you will put in the freezer and never think about again.

DON'T abbreviate on your list. Consider that since you are keeping the list so that you do not have to remember what you need, abbreviating is rather contrary to what you are trying to accomplish.

DO (and this is for everyone, memory loss or not) help me figure out what on earth I was referring to when I wrote the letters LC on my grocery list. I have wracked my mind, nearly to the migraine point, trying to figure out what I meant when I wrote these letters on my grocery list. I remember that I was looking in the fridge when I wrote it. I remember that I thought to myself that I should not write letters, I should write the whole word, but it was two long words and I was convinced that I would remember with the abbreviation prompt. I remember that it was something I needed but did not necessarily want the rest of the world to know I needed, hence my choice to abbreviate.

That's all I have. Thoughts? Ideas? HELP ME!!!

Et Al.

*I saw gas for $2.99 today!

*The pic above is Anna's first mini skirt. She is only allowed to wear them until she is 3 so we figured we needed to get started. :)

*I have lost, likely forever, my wedding ring. Devastated does not even come close to expressing how I feel. Sick would probably be a better word for that oh so unpleasant feeling in the pit of my stomach. We are offering a reward and posting signs in the location of the loss, but recovery is not likely. I have been given much advice, some good, some not so good, some down right hysterical, on how I might go about locating and/or dealing with this loss and I am grateful. But for the moment I still feel pretty darn lousy so please be gentle if you feel the need to comment. Any joking or teasing will likely earn you an uncomfortable silence and a good look at the back of my head. Not trying to be unkind, just very upset, emotional and raw for the moment. Perhaps we can joke about it in a few months.

If you happen to see a tall, dark and handsome Hispanic man with three cute kids and a ringless white chick, please do not assume that I am his mistress. We are married! I swear!

Pictures and a video below. Anna discovered a non purred veggie that she actually likes!

Corn Princess


Anonymous said...

Lotsa Cherries?
Lemon Cakes???
Little Cucumbers

Hopefully it wasn't code for butter spray!

Sorry again about your ring. :(

Mary said...

I was going to guess light cream, or maybe lowfat cheese?

I'm also sorry about your ring. :(

Cherith said...

SIGH, nope. None of those. This is driving me crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cheri,

Lemonade concentrate?
Leftover containers?

That's all I got--I'll keep thinking! I'm very sorry for your ring--I lost a diamond ring once, I def. feel your pain.

Hope all is well other than that!