Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cute Factor: 1000x

On the way to swimming lessons this morning:

Isaac: Oh no, no tummy, no, not now.


Isaac: Mommy, my tummy is getting all nervous butterflies but I don't want it to be nervous. I want to have fun at my lesson today!

After dinner last night:

Anna was drinking, or rather attempting to drink, milk from her brother's cup. She was making quite a mess so Jesse offered her a sippy cup instead. Anna has thus far rejected all sippy cups and everything they stand for. Jesse filled the cup with the vitamin D milk we keep on hand just in case she decides that a sippy cup might fit into her plans. She took a drink, spit the milk all over herself and flung the cup away with a thoroughly disgusted/irritated look on her face.

Confused as to why she was rejecting the very liquid she had just been consuming from her brother's cup, we realized that the milk in Isaac's cup was skim, not vitamin D. We refilled her cup with skim milk and voila! She drank the whole thing.

Is Anna counting her calories already??? In her defense, if she inherited her mommy's thighs this might not be such a bad idea. Considering her varied and oh-so-nutritious diet of skim milk, watermelon, banana, yogurt, Jesse's cardboard flakes in a box-I mean cereal, guacamole, Spanish rice and my home made chili, it is probably a darn good thing she is so hell bent on continuing to nurse. No I am not joking, those are the foods that she eats most regularly and rarely does she deviate from this menu. She LOVES spicy food, it is the funniest thing. She did meet her match in a chili con queso the other day, but that is the only food I have ever seen her reject due to spice level. She is definitely her daddy's girl!

This evening at Cold Stone:

Esther: Um...did you see what your youngest son just did?

Cherith: No..Nathan, what did you do?

Nathan grabs himself and does an excellent imitation of one of Michael Jackson's more appalling dance moves.

Cherith chokes on ice cream and tries not to look the complete strangers who are now laughing hysterically in the eye.

Cherith: Nathan! Where did you learn that????

Nathan: The Little Mermaid.

Enough said, I am going to sleep.

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