Monday, July 30, 2007


Why hello there! Liz, we are not dead. You were spot on when you guessed that we walked away from every phone and computer within a 12 mile radius.

The S Family completed a rather grueling 8 days during which the kids endured much babysitting, I drove 4 hours a day, we ate more fast food than we want to remember and saw very, very little of each other. This past week capped off a month during which every weekend included an obligation away from home. Convinced that we deserved a break, we decided to take a few days and get out of town, away from jobs, computers, phones, etc. and just relax and spend time together.

Considering that we had only two days to work with, travel too far from home was not logistically possible. Instead we opted to enjoy some of the lovely scenery of our beloved home state. Honestly, we love living here and it was nice to be reminded why.

We took the boys hiking and for a trip on a scenic railroad. They LOVED both activities. Previously our trips with the boys have been marked by significant griping and complaining about the heat and how hungry they are and how much they just want to go home. Regardless of the excitement they express prior to the event, they never seem to enjoy it much once we arrive. I am not sure of the explanation for this phenomenon. Perhaps they were too young? Well whatever the reason, they thoroughly enjoyed this extended weekend.

I FINALLY got around to purchasing the Ergo Carrier that I have wanted for Anna. I could have mail ordered 24 of them by now, but for some reason I never got around to it. Fortunately, a retailer that sells this item was conveniently located on the way to our hiking trail.

If you have a child who weighs 40 pounds or less and either walks very slow or has a tendency to wander, frequently need to take that child with you on your daily excursions and desperately need both hands free at the same time, I highly recommend an Ergo. It weighs almost nothing and is very comfortable. I LOVE IT!

I have included a slide show of our activities. Please forgive the unsolicited and somewhat biased commentary that I am sure you will notice.

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Anonymous said...

OMG what fabulous scenery! I am totally envious now.