Wednesday, July 18, 2007



Davis Family said...

I'm just guessing...but do these new shoes have Made In China stamped on the soles?
Too Cute Anna Baby!

Mary said...

I rushed out and bought Sam some Ebay ones (yes, from the China Direct store. Ironically, they have an American Flag on them!)

Anna is so musical!

Cherith said...


I bought two more pairs last night Mary. These are way too much fun.

Mary said...

Sam's shoes came! He has run across the house nonstop (oh, and his shoes are MUCH louder than Anna's--maybe because he's heavier? Esther's ready to kill me.)

Cherith said...

The ones I ordered from that same e-bay store are also MUCH louder than the pair in this video. Must be a difference in the brand. post some video of Sam in his shoes!