Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We are BACK!

Did you miss us? We missed you.

Despite two power outages today, we actually have Internet again! I am completely ashamed to admit that I got a LOT of things accomplished around here when I could not be online. Clearly I spend too much time online. {Cherith hangs head in shame.}

This past weekend was one of the last semi-free weekends that the S Family has for the next few weeks. We decided to make the most of our time and visited a few local attractions. Below you will find several slide shows and videos. I solemnly swear that no animals were harmed in the taking of these pictures.

In case you are wondering, I have been very thoroughly lectured regarding the germy aspect of reptiles. I figure as long as no one licks a snake and they wash their hands afterwards they are safe. Life is too short to not pet a 9 foot Burmese Python or have an Australian Tree Snake around your neck, don't you think?

Tree Climbing and Petting Zoo

Renaissance Festival

Isaac on the bungee jump (Of course I forgot that if I turn the camera sideways I get sideways videos. Send me those chiropractor bills folks!)

Nathan on the bungee jump

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