Monday, July 16, 2007

Errands or Erin's

The other day I told the boys that we needed to run some errands. During these errands, Isaac became the proud owner of a new Spider Man costume. Very excited about his new togs, he asked if he could wear it while we went to errands. Chuckling over his lack of understanding of the word errands, I told him he was welcome to wear his costume while we did our errands.

As we headed home from those errands, he exclaimed in outrage, "But mommy! I was going to wear my costume to show errands!!"

Confused, I told him that we had just completed our errands and now we were going home and that he did wear his costume.

Still outraged he insisted that we had not yet been to errands and that he really wanted to wear his costume when we got there.

I tried to explain again.

Near tears, he informed me that he REALLY wanted to show errands his new costume and could we please get Esther too because she might want to see errands as well.

It dawned on me that he was talking about Erin, not errands. When I said errands, he heard Erin's. Poor baby! He thought we were going to go to Erin's house to show her his new costume.

So Erin, for your enjoyment, the above picture of Isaac in his new bad Spider Man costume.

PS I fixed the poll so that you can actually vote in it. DUR!


Anonymous said...

I really did want to go see Erin! Now I am close to tears. Nice costume!

Errands said...

OMG--that's the cutest thing ever! Ironically, he loves me but when he sees me in person, he doesn't say two words to me.

Tell him that I'll be down sometime soon to see Esther's place and I'd love to see his costume as well!

Any luck with the LC?

Have a good one!


Cherith said...

No luck with LC, I gave up. That mystery does not want to be solved.

By the time you are down here again, he will likely also have a new Power Ranger costume, so we can kill two birds with one stone. ;)

Jesse said...

I didn't get a cool black-suited spiderman costume (*sniff*). ):