Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Anna's 1 year pics

Prepare yourself people, we are talking almost painful cute factor here.

These are just Anna's for now. We also did pics of the boys and pics of all three of them, they are just not posted yet.

We will order a copy of all three of the kids for family, if you want additional pics you can order them directly from the photographer by e-mailing her. Her prices are VERY reasonable.

If you would like the link to view the pics, please e-mail me.


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are awesome!!! I need all of them! I better take out a loan!

Cherith said...

Jesse is already working on the second mortgage we are going to need to pay for the outrageous number of pictures that we are going to HAVE to order. And this is only the Anna pics! There are still a bunch more to come!

Mary Beth said...

Those are freaking adorable! Anna is a MUCH better cake smusher than Sam ever was.