Saturday, April 21, 2007

Can we stop with all the growing up nonsense???

Seriously, I have NEVER felt such mixed emotions in all my life. I am SO proud of my boys. They are such (usually) well behaved, (usually) polite, (usually) kind hearted little guys. They miss Jesse and I terribly when one of us is gone for a while, they adore their baby sister, they are funny, they laugh, they play games, they are creative, it just goes on and on. I would not change them if I could. I would not zap them back to infancy, yet I feel so sad as they grow and change and learn new things. I don't remember signing up for this part of parenthood. I clearly remember being excited about babies and changing diapers and first birthdays and spit up and all that, but I was totally unprepared for this part. They should really improve the marketing of this whole parenting gig.

What has sparked this discussion? Isaac lost ANOTHER tooth!! He looks so darn cute and is so proud of himself! We had a celebratory breakfast of pancakes with candy faces and yes, the tooth fairy DID come AGAIN. No, she did not bring $20 this time, so relax!

Jesse is playing at the Greeley Jazz Festival today and Anna is asleep, so I must play Candy Land with my boys now.

PS Doesn't snaggle tooth look CUTE???

PPS More new pics on the photog's site.
If you would like the link to view the pics, please e-mail me.

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