Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bowling, Amoxicillin Allergy, 4th Birthdays...Cosmic Connection or Amazing Coincidence?

On Isaac's 4th birthday he was on a round of amoxicillin for a really stubborn ear infection. That morning he woke up covered in a horrible, itchy rash. We planned to take him bowling that day but ended up heading to the pediatrician to find out that he was allergic to the amoxicillin.

Today is Nathan's 4th birthday. We planned to go bowling at the exact same bowling alley. Anna is on a round of amoxicillin to treat a bacterial infection. Guess who woke up covered in a terribly, itchy red rash? Or rather, guess who was up ALL NIGHT LONG, fussing and covered in an itchy red rash?

Poor sweet baby, she is just so miserable. The infection is still causing her to run fevers, she is uncomfortable from congestion, she is itchy, she is hung over from Benadryl, she is tired because she cannot sleep. SIGH I feel so bad for her, it is just so much worse for little ones because you cannot explain to them why they are so miserable and why you cannot make it better.

So anyway, is there a cosmic connection here? IF you are planning to go bowling on a 4th birthday while taking amoxicillin, will you necessarily end up allergic? OR does the amoxicillin allergy on a 4th birthday make you want to go bowling????

Makes ya think doesn't it?

Despite the misery of his baby sister and sleep deprived mommy, Nathan had a lovely 4th birthday complete with bowling, lunch with singing wait staff, a movie with daddy all to himself, dinner on the deck, backyard soccer with daddy and capped off with a double feature camp out on the family room floor. What more can a little boy ask for?

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Anonymous said...

That is very odd...poor Anna! I hope she feels better soon.