Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lovely Spring Sunday

How happy is the S clan that the weather is FINALLY warm and dry? Take a look at the slide show below and judge for yourself. The evening was supposed to end with a trip to our favorite ice cream spot, but a chilly wind kicked up and we were forced to retreat to our natural habitat.

A question for all you experienced moms out there. How long to you allow the thoughtfully collected cups and glasses full of weed flower bouquets that your children have bestowed upon you sit around? I just cannot bring myself to get rid of them until they are quite old and dried out, but I am just a tad tired of having cups full of mud and sneeze inducing weeds sitting around the house. The fact that I accidentally knocked one over on the formerly fabulous purse that Rachael brought me from New York has NOTHING to do with my asking of this question. Really, it doesn't. sniffle whimper

PS Esther is not nearly as grumpy as she appears in that last pic. I just caught her at a bad moment.

PPS Anna does appear to be feeling better today. She is still quite rashy and moderately fussy, but her appetite for solid food has improved, thank goodness. We will visit with the doctor and get a new antibiotic prescrip tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Um I thought we had an understanding! Thanks for posting a bad picture of me for the whole freakin world to see!

Mary Beth said...

Okay, how come Anna loves the swings and the rocking toys and Sam doesn't?
He never plays on the playground! Your kids look adorable, as always.

(Of course, we went to the zoo yesterday and he did try to crawl into the yak pen.)

Cherith said...

Better than falling into the sea lions, as you will recall Nathan did a few years ago! They have our picture up at the zoo, "Do NOT let this little boy near the sea lions!"

Hope you had fun!

Cherith said...

Anon, how am I supposed to respond to this post when you have not identified yourself?? You could be any of of the numerous background people in the playground pics. :)))

Anonymous said...

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