Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You know you are a parent when... stumble down the stairs, bleary eyed and yawning because your daughter is cutting teeth and had two shots and therefore felt the need to wake up every 45 minutes all night long, desperately in need of a cup of hot tea, but instead of shrieking in terror or vomiting into the sink, you simply shove the bowl full of dirt and live worms that your boys left on the kitchen counter the night before out of the way so that you can reach your tea bags.

Parenting test that I have failed:

1. I cannot pull out loose teeth. Isaac has begged me to pull out his most recent loose tooth and I just cannot do it. I CAN'T DO IT PEOPLE! I tried, I really did. Esther gave it a try and I had to leave the room I was so grossed out. It will fall out on its own when it is ready!

2. I cannot drink anything that has baby/toddler backwash. The very idea makes me gag.

3. I cannot clean up vomit. My poor, darling husband gets this chore each and every time.

4. I cannot eat something that, even though offered in love by one of my dear children, is slobbered on, mushy, dirty, etc. My mom informs me that this is THE parenting skill to have, but I just can't do it! Someone better call social services.

5. I cannot allow a nose to run or a child to wipe a runny nose with a sleeve or hand. Snot is second only to vomit when ranking bodily secretions in order of disgust.

So there you have it. If this were the parenting SATs I think I would score a combined 700 or something.

Isaac and Nathan's pics are up on the photog's website, VERY cute! There are still more to come so everyone get to work on those second mortgages so that we can pay for them! ;)

If you would like the link to view the pics, please e-mail me.

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Mary Beth said...

You think YOU'VE failed as a parent? I willingly let my son go near your man-eating trashcan every time we're over there.

I can't drink backwash or eat Sam's food either, 'cause, EW.