Monday, April 9, 2007

Ask not for whom the bell tolls....

...because it is probably just one of these cats prowling around the house. WHY do indoor cats need to wear bells? All I hear all night long is the sound of those stupid bells.

Additional Misc yet Vitally Important Information

The poll results are in!! Vomit is more disgusting and we should NOT cut Anna's hair. Interesting, the poll results mirror my thoughts! ;)

I have lots of fun video to share, but at the moment it is on our digital video camera and I don't know how to get it onto the computer. I will work on that ASAP. In the meantime, I have created a new poll for your amusement. Be careful with this one, you would become Esther's #1 nemesis if you vote incorrectly.

I know I promised you a pic of Anna's Easter dress and I WILL get you one, I just neglected to take any on my camera so I am waiting for one of my sisters to e-mail me some.

For now you can entertain yourself with this video that I DID take on the digi cam. This is the boys hunting Easter eggs in our house on Easter morning. Um...I did not realize what a mess the place was until I was already taping so let's call this a window into the reality of the S house. If you come over and it is super clean, that usually means that I cleaned it because you were coming over. This is what it looks like the rest of the time.

At the start of the video you will hear Isaac obsessing over the welfare of a dog. This may confuse you as most of you know that we do not actually own a dog (thank God almighty). Rest assured that there will not be a dog in this house anytime soon, he is worried about a stray that followed us home from Jesse's parents house. This was a particularly mean dog, it actually came up on the porch and barked at me through the screen door.

If you ever happen to be in downtown Colorado Springs, you MUST stop and visit a charming little tea shop called the Catbird Seat. Darling little place with FABULOUS food! If you are a guy, don't go unless you are seriously in touch with your feminine side. I do not know the actual address, but hopefully Liz will be kind enough to respond to this post and leave it for anyone who is interested.

Jesse is sick with a wicked sinus infection, his first such experience. He has been pretty miserable all weekend. We were knocking on the doctor's door first thing this morning. This is going to sound odd, but I have this overwhelming feeling of serenity regarding his illness. It is so wonderful to know that he is sick, but that he will NOT have to visit an emergency room, potentially be admitted to the hospital, require an ambulance trip, etc. Never thought I could be thankful and smile because a loved one was miserable and in agonizing pain, but here we are. Go figure.

We are gearing up for two huge birthdays in the S house. Anna turns 1 on the 15th and Nathan turns 4 on the 28th. We are doing a joint party on the 22nd. If you are local, you are invited. Well heck, even if you are not local consider yourself invited, but we are not paying airfare or hotel. ;) Nathan was rather short changed on his birthday last year due to Anna's arrival so we are doing the best we can to make him feel very special this year. He marches around the house on an hourly basis reciting the names of all the people on his guest list. Such a cutie pie!!

I don't know what else I could possibly write about so this is a good place to end. Spring break is over and we are all back to work tomorrow! Have a great week!

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Davis Family said...

Yes, The Catbird Seat is a lovely little place isn't it?? The address is: 323 N Tejon St
in Downtown Colorado Springs.

Visit. Ask for Linda. Tell her Liz and Cherith sent you. If you go, you have to have a cream and sugar scone--they are the BEST!