Sunday, April 1, 2007

Isaac's First Tooth

Well, my darling baby boy lost his fist baby tooth early this morning. I am so proud of him, he handled it so well! He is all set for the tooth fairy to visit tonight.

Isn't it awfully early? I have no experience in this, but he is only 5! I thought teeth did not start falling out until 7 or 8? shrug

Those of you who have little boys, how often do you, or do you even, clean their rooms? I like my house clean, I don't like to find stinky surprises, and the boys don't really like to play in there when it is messy, but for pity sake those boys can mess that room up FAST. When they were younger and thought it was lots of fun to dump everything off of the shelves for no particular reason, I did once bag up all their stuff and lock it in the laundry room for a few weeks. This is different, they don't mess it up purely to make a mess, they are playing and they just take a bunch of stuff out and don't think to put it back. We are working on the idea that you clean up one thing before you get another out, but that is going to take time. I am so flipping busy with work, Anna, meals, laundry, etc during the day that I just cannot follow them around making sure that they are putting all their toys away. We do have cleanup time in the evenings before bed, but by the time we get to their room we are usually exhausted. Every so often I go up there and clean it up so that it sparkles. Within 24 horus it is a disaster again. How do you deal with this? Do you keep cleaning it or just leave it a mess? I DO take them up there with me and have them help clean it and they ARE getting better, but I am thinking that this pattern will continue until they get a bit older.

In case you are wondering, the facial from hell is still causing me problems. It turns out that she not only caused me pain on my face but she also left her mark on my neck. The brief massage that she gave me was WAY too deep and I have nasty bruises. This is probably not her fault. Since the car accident you can barely touch my neck without leaving a bruise. She did do a great job with my eyebrows, I have to give her credit for that.

My poor face, however, will likely bare the marks of this torture for quite a while. When she reassured me that, despite the excruciating pain I would not have any bruises or marks on my face, SHE LIED!! I have swollen spots, bright red patches, you name it, I have it. At this point I am farily certain that I would not be able to land a date with the elephant man, assuming the poor man was still alive. You might want to offer some sympathy to Jesse, after all he does have to live with me. If you happen to pass me on the street, look away for I am hideous.

Nathan seems to be getting sick, poor baby.

Can someone please explain to me WHY we got these cats?

Spring Break officially starts tomorrow!!!

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Davis Family said...

BANGS!--definitely a yes! Little girls with bangs are so stinking cute and their hair is NOT in their eyes which is a huge pet peeve of mine.

Plus, Anna will be adorable with bangs.

Liz--who you know is absolutely correct on this particular issue