Monday, April 2, 2007

Easter eggs, allergies, a virus and thou

Evening all! We had a lovely first half of the day dying Easter eggs at my mom's house. Definitely the best part of the day, the rest has been abysmal. Anna has Nathan's head cold and will not let me more than 3 inches away from her. She wants to nurse for comfort but her nose is so stuffed up that she can't so she just cries non-stop. Poor baby. I am utterly miserable fighting with my usual spring allergies. BLAH.

I finally got her down for a nap this afternoon. She slept for an hour only to be awakened by the God awful racket of jets flying so low that I believe we are now missing shingles from our roof. Someday someone is going to have to explain to me how national security is dependent on jets from a nearby air force base flying so flipping low over my house in the middle of the day. We live literally at the edge of decent civilization! There are miles and miles of open space to the east of us, WHY must these jets fly over populated areas????

Ok I am done with that particular rant now.

And now for the reasons why Jesse and I deserve the worst parents on the planet award!

#1: We forgot to feed Anna dinner last night. We are trying to cut down on her daily nursing and get her to eat more solid food, but sometimes we forget to actually offer it to her. She did not let us know that we had neglected her until around midnight when she would not stop fussing. Eventually we figured out our error and sheepishly brought her downstairs for something to eat. She is such a sweetie pie, she wolfed down her food and went right back to sleep.

#2: I did not communicate the intended purpose of the 5 dollar bill on the microwave, so Jesse grabbed it and spent it on screws for the swing set. It was the cash I was saving for Isaac's tooth. The only other cash we had in the house was a 20 and neither of us wanted to go to 7-11 at midnight. So yes, we left our child $20 for a fallen baby tooth. I have already been scolded severely as to the repercussions should this information hit the streets, but rest assured that the secret is safe. Isaac identifies ALL paper money as 1 dollar, so he has absolutely no idea that he is sitting on a virtual gold mine. I will switch the 20 in his wallet for a nice 5 dollar bill this evening after he goes to bed.

Anna has decided that I have typed long enough so I will leave you with pics from today as well as a video that shows off our nephew Sammy's new linguistic skills. He just got home from Italy.

The pic at the top is a rare photo that actually includes me. 3 cyber cookies to the person who swipes the pic, enlarges it and then connects the bruises and scars on my face to find the hidden pic of Fidel Castro.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Davis Family said...

Isn't it nice the weather has gotten nice enough to dye the eggs out on the patio?? The boys are looking so grownup these days--until they fall asleep in their costumes and look like little ones again!