Saturday, April 7, 2007

Never say Never!

This is for all the times we swore we would NEVER end up as one of THOSE couples. We will NEVER break down and get a mini van, there are other options, mini vans are for old boring people, etc, etc.

Jesse and I have officially joined the ranks of old boring people! Frankly, we could not be more pleased with ourselves. We sacrificed our illusions of youth, but we gained a whole bunch of convenience.

It has been a busy few days in the S house! Obviously there is the new car, but that lead to another HUGE milestone for our little Anna. Today Anna went for her first ride, forward facing, in her new big girl car seat! Traditionally we make the S children wait until their first birthday, but practicality won out in this case. She was not quite sure about the whole thing at first, but she warmed up fairly quickly. In the event that you object to this particular car seat, garish as it appears, you should know that Anna selected this one herself. We sat her in her various options and this one earned the biggest smile.

We also visited the aquarium today. All in all, it was not a great choice. A local radio station was sponsoring an egg hunt and it was PACKED. I did manage to get the video clips below. Nathan is now sporting a lovely sting ray bite on two of his fingers, but I think he will live.

In other news, we have now complained to the nearby air force base AND to the international airport about the late night air traffic. I am 100% sure that this will do us no good at all, but hey! it made us feel a little bit better.

Easter is tomorrow and we are all excited to hunt eggs and spend time with family. The Easter bunny is bringing Anna her very first My Little Pony. If you could have witnessed the utter confusion of her poor parents, standing baffled and confused in that unfamiliar aisle with all the pink and purple and frills and bows, you would have laughed until you cried. The boys are receiving pirate stuff and super hero action figures. We hope this fits somewhat with the Easter story, given that Isaac's reply to Jesse's telling of the Easter story was, "WOW! God and Jesus must be the most powerful good guys in the whole universe!" I am somewhat new at this parenting thing, but it IS normal for little boys to view the entire world in terms of good guys and bad guys, right?

Stay tuned for Anna's unbelievable Easter dress, hand made by my darling mother. You will all be placing orders for next year, I promise!!

Oh yes and in answer to your question Esther, I DO carry the digi cam around in a holster! I mean seriously, do you BLAME me?? ;)

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